I Light
Hernan's Studio: Lesson 1

Objective: Build up a lighting setup that includes ambient window light that shows consistent lighting with natural skin tones.
Meter natural window light first: ISO 200, AV: F/5.0 TV: 1/30

  1. Beauty Dish at 4.5’ from model (metered at F/4.5 = 1/2 power)
  2. Add white foam core board over models head to contain light.
  3. Add Accent light to back wall w/ tobacco filter 1/4 power and fill & Accent @ 1/8 power using amber 15cc filters with a white reflector on models lap to bounce the flash from the beauty dish back up to her face.
  4. Hand held speedlight with tobacco gel @ 1/16 power to light (separate) the models head from the background.

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