Help Sylights grow.

Your mamma will be proud!

Remember all those things you’ve asked us during the past years?

You know… new features, new objects, improvements on our mobile apps… Lots of things, right?!

Well, we have good news for you.

Sylights already provides the best lighting diagrams tool around, but we know we can do better. Much better.

Do you wish you could study those beautiful models lighting (yeah, lighting!) on your mobile app too?

Or maybe you secretly want to drag a nice tele lens around on your diagrams? A product table? V-Flats?

Help us improving Sylights, here’s what you can expect:

  • New objects to create richer lighting diagrams
  • Browsing diagrams from your mobile app
  • Sending your own diagrams from the app to
  • New design and better ergonomics
  • An improved editor on both apps and website
  • High definition exports
  • ...
  • A few secret projects... ;)

Imagine yourself preparing your next shoot:
you’re talking to your model about your lighting ideas, when you suddenly remember a great photo you saw on

You grab your iPad, open up Sylights and search for this holy grail.

Found it? Great! Now you just clone the diagram and modify it to fit your needs and gears.
Save it, and hand the iPad over to your assistant: he can do the rest!

When you’re happy with the results, upload your photos to your iPad and publish everything on to receive feedback and become an inspiration to other photographers.

You could do all of this, for free.

Let me repeat this,
for FREE!

We want to make this a reality, but we need your help!

We’ve quit our jobs and created a company, Digital Cuisine, to dedicate our time to Sylights.

To help us make a good start, here’s what you can do:

  • Give 5$, 5€ or an amount of your choice by clicking the appropriate button below.
  • This button will get you to a Paypal donation page.
  • Connect to your Paypal account or click on the “continue” link next to the login form if you don’t have an account.
  • Confirm your payment.

If you have downloaded Sylights for iPhone or iPad, you may also have seen a new “Support Sylights” page since our last update.

There, you can help us further by purchasing the advertisement removal (unless you like clicking on ads!) and spreading the word about Sylights on social medias.

Oh, social medias are available here too!

There you go, plenty of options to make everybody happy!

Whichever you choose, thank you so much for choosing it and supporting our efforts to provide you with the best tools for your business!

Olivier, Pierre-Jean & Mathieu