I Light
The Spiral Sapphire Brooch

The camera is a 46 megapixel SD1 Merrill with the 150mm f/2.8 OS macro lens both from Sigma. The long focal length allows enough working distance from the lens to the 2" in diameter brooch for lights. The over head light is not a soft box as shown here. It’s a diffusion panel with a Dynalite head on a boom above it. By moving the head either higher above the panel for softer light or lower for a harsher quality exactly the right light is created to illuminate the colorful sapphires.
The Chimera 48" square diffusion panel to the brooch’s right is the large source required to evenly illuminate the spiral windings.
Finally a rose colored gel is placed over a Dynalite studio head with a 30º grid. This creates the graduated glow that matches the center sapphire’s color.

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