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Full Length Lighting

The source of illumination is the diffusion panel lit by the beauty dish behind it. A hair light with an orange gel lights and warms Laura’s head and arm. The strip light to her right adds a highlight along her body separating it from the background.
The distressed wall hides a cookie lit by a 5" reflector on a single flash head. Light streaming through the cutouts project a shadowed pattern on the red background paper. Another head with a 16" reflector and a red gel adds color to the distressed wall.

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Issue #12

Dave Black explains light painting and gives detailed descriptions about the gear, his technique, camera settings, and more. Ibarionex Perello returns with a conversation with street photographers Dana Barsuhn and Rinzi Ruiz.
In “Portrait Lighting,” James Schmelzer explains how he photographed Marissa on a red background to make her pop.
After a bit of exploring, Tom Bol managed to find an old maximum security jail cell in a field, which he used as the backdrop for an alternative portrait.
Our “Behind the Lens” video interview is with Glyn Dewis.
Kevin Ames uses a beauty dish at Atlanta’s High Museum of Art for a portrait.
Larry Becker explains how manual white balance works and shows you how to make your own tools to set the correct white balance in your camera.
Finally, Scott Kelby does a fashion shoot that uses one flash and one softbox for different looks.

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